For too long, African agripreneurs are facing huge difficulties when it comes to selling their products at the right price level to the right customers. In many cases, the agripreneurs must accept a very low price or even losses for the products produced and/or processed.

We want agripreneurs to be successful, be appreciated for their efforts and getting fair returns on their investments.

Globl East Africa, part of Globl Group (based in Europe), developed the GLOBL4FARMERS PROJECT with the unique IMPACTING approach.

This program supports smallholder agripreneurs, where applicable in the right ecosystem surroundings, to develop a profitable sustainable business.

This program also focuses on an integral way of developing supply chains (eg crops, milk, meat etc)


Integral supply chain development

Marketing approach

Proposition at right quality

Agreement on pricing

Coordinating logistics and financials

Taking care of commercial activities

Initiate customer follow-up

New business development

Governmental awareness and connection

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