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East Africa Has A Lot of Potential!

This is an understatement and so true. East Africa offer many opportunities for companies from abroad. But how to start investing in a good responsible way? Where to start? Who can support with this locally? These are all questions we as Globl Group also experienced when we started up. Globl Group is centrally located in East Africa and can support, guide and facilitate companies.

We provide a unique opportunity for personal interaction to close the gap between the investor and the opportunity. This can range from professional meetings with local fund managers, to top local private-sector and publicly-listed companies, to law offices, accountants and local government representatives living in the region. We also facilitate investment follow-ups and provide consulting services, coordinate business discussions between investors and corporates.

Our clientele are entrepreneurs looking for the right economic microclimate to start a business; corporate scouts looking to expand their company’s reach or improve their supply chain; policy makers trying to figure out the right balance of rules and infrastructure to create a thriving economy; investors searching for the next crop of opportunities. These well-intentioned professionals travel the world in pursuit of secret recipes of innovation. Typically, such tours involve guided tours, pitch events, conferences with lots of panels, and well-planned visits to companies, universities, and government agencies tasked with increasing entrepreneurship and innovation.

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